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Selling a Home

Developing a relationship with a professional realtor that knows your area will make selling your home easier for you and your family.  Four factors impact every successful home sale: 

Marketing – The best thing that your agent can do for the sale of your home is to let as many people know it is for sale as soon as it’s listed.  Not only should your home be listed on the traditional MLS, have printed signs and brochures, it should be able to be seen all over the internet as this is the main way buyers search for homes.  Jeff will create a “single listing site” for your home.  This is a webpage where home searchers can view your individual page with pictures and detailed information about your home.

Condition – We live in our homes in one way, but we market them in another.  To enhance the appeal of your home on the market and welcome homebuyers, keep your home clean and make sure it is well maintained.  Jeff will advise you about which items are cost-effective and will pay you back many times over.  Your Realtor is responsible for marketing your home, but you control the marketability.

Location – Some locations are more desirable to certain buyers than others, but there is a buyer for every home for sale.  While Jeff knows that you cannot change the where your home is situated, there are ways to make your home more attractive to more home buyers in any area.  Pricing more aggressively to compete against similar homes in more sought after locations is one of the best ways to sell your home faster. 

Price – There is a risk in setting the price of your home for sale too high.  In the Littleton and Highlands Ranch areas, there are many homes that are quite similar in size and layout.  Because of this, the market statistics for your area are a great tool to know where to set the price of your home.  If you set the price of your home too high, it may remain on the market far too long than necessary.  Jeff will present you with a value range for your home and provide you with market statistics to support that price range.

7 Steps to Selling you House!

  1. Are you Ready to Sell?
  2. Select a Realtor
  3. Determining the Listing Price
  4. Marketing Your Home
  5. FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Negotiating/Accepting the Offer
  7. Closing / Move Out

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